Electric Radiator FAQs

See below for some frequently asked questions about fitting and using efficient electric radiators:

How long do the radiators take to heat up?

Approximately 10 minutes.

Can the radiators be run on Economy 7?

Yes the radiators can be run on Economy 7 however this tariff is designed for storage heaters and is not appropriate for electric radiators, as these radiators do not require a storage period. The electric radiators can be run on the low cost Economy 10 tariff that is provided by Scottish and Southern Energy or Scottish Power. This off-peak electricity is available from 4.30am-7.30am, 1pm - 4pm and 8.30pm - 12.30am.

Are the radiators more economical than storage heaters?

The radiators are more efficient and economical than storage heaters. The radiators are direct acting and heat is produced quickly and efficiently. The radiators are totally controllable via the timer and thermostat. Storage heaters however offer background heat dissipation from the early morning charge yet the heat is often needed to be supplemented by direct electrical heaters on peak time electricity, increasing the cost* - (verification can be obtained on the National Energy Foundation website).

What are the running costs of the radiators?

The running cost of a 1kW radiator on a standard rate is approximately 12.6p an hour.

How far do the radiators project from the wall?

A total of 140mm (including bracket fixings).

How many radiators can the RF Controller programme?

The RF Controller can programme multi radiators as a group within a 12 metre radius; it cannot though programme radiators individually. When installing radiators into a dwelling it is recommended a couple of controllers be used allowing for heating zones to be created e.g. upstairs and downstairs. This allows flexible and accurate control for numerous radiators.

How long is the cable length?

Approximately 1.5 metres complete with a BS 13amp moulded plug.

How are the brackets mounted onto the wall?

The brackets supplied with the radiator must be attached to the wall. Then mount the radiator onto the brackets and plug into a standard 13 amp socket.

Do the radiators come filled with water already?

Yes. During production the radiators are filled with water and Fernox, which is a combination of rust inhibitor and anti-freeze. No additional water needs to be added.

Do the radiators require any wiring?

No - simply plug into a standard 13 amp socket. If multiple radiators are installed into a dwelling please consult advice from a professional electrician.

Are the radiators suitable for bathroom installation?

The radiator is a "Class I" IP44 device and it can be installed in bathrooms zone 2 and 3 provided that no electric control unit can be touched by people using the bath-tub or the shower. If the radiator is installed in zone 2 or zone 3 it must be connected to a dedicated spur connection located in the appropriate zone.

Do you provide an installation service?

Yes - however installation is straightforward, simply wall mount onto the brackets supplied, plug in and switch on.

How long is the warranty period?

Two years from date of purchase. The warranty in Europe is only valid on return to base (UK).

If you have any other questions, or need more information on using and installing efficient electric radiators Call us on 01296 711 405, or email info@raceenergy.com.

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efficient electric radiator

efficient electric radiator

Electric radiators are around 20% more efficient than storage heaters