High Efficiency Electric Radiators

High efficiency electric radiators are a more efficient, stylish, more flexible and easily installed alternative to storage heaters. They are also worth considering for your heating needs instead of using oil or LPG gas, or where it would be costly to have gas mains installed.

  • High efficiency - almost no wastage
  • Conform to Part L of building regulations for energy efficiency
  • Easily removed for decorating or if you wish to take them with you if you move

The slim-line design matches traditional radiators and requires minimal space, and the radiators create a comfortable, healthy atmosphere unlike the stuffiness produced by storage heaters.

Easy to Install

Electric radiators require no wiring and no ugly pipework, just an ordinary plug socket. Once the radiator is mounted on the wall (using brackets) and plugged in, heat is produced almost immediately, reaching an optimum temperature within just 10 minutes.

Easy to Control

There are two methods of control:

  1. A central control/timer which will control up to seven radiators.
  2. Each radiator can have its own timer and thermostat built in, which means each room can be controlled and timed individually.

Both control methods give you a highly efficient, flexible system, resulting in lower energy bills and carbon emissions.

There is also an LST (Low Surface Temperature) version which is ideal for use in schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other public buildings.

For more information on using and installing efficient electric radiators see our FAQs and price list, or Call us on 01296 711 405, or email info@raceenergy.com.

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efficient electric radiator

efficient electric radiator

Electric radiators are around 20% more efficient than storage heaters