Visit to John Hampden Junior School

Race Energy visited John Hampden Junior School in Wendover

We visited the mini Eco Cousins of John Hampden Junior School in Wendover. Here we discovered a bunch of kids with vivid imaginations, and for children so young they had a very impressive understanding of renewable energy.

The kids had an impressive understanding of renewable energy

We visited the school on a lovely summers day; we all went out on to the school field and had an interesting discussion on various eco subjects including energy saving, healthy food and how wind turbines and solar panels work.

Finding out how a solar panel can turn cold water into warm water

We also carried out experiments demonstrating how a solar panel can turn cold water into warm water in a short period of time, just by using the power of the sun.

Our new Eco Cousins from John Hampden Junior School

We really enjoyed the morning, but we haven't worked out yet what would happen if the sun exploded!

Thanks for inviting us.

Charlie McGlynn

If your school would like to become part of the Eco Cousins family, or if you have any questions about our eco education programme, please Call us on 01296 711 405 or email

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