Visit to The Hawthorns School

Our afternoon with the Eco Cousins of Hawthorns School

Race Energy visited The Hawthorns School in Bletchingly

We visited The Hawthorns School in Bletchingly and had a great afternoon with a group of children who had a very impressive knowledge of environmental issues.

First of all we were shown some solar cookers that the kids had designed out of pizza boxes and on which they were cooking eggs - equally as good as a conventional cooker.

We then went on to the school field where we had already set up some demo's of solar panels and a wind turbine.

The group split up into teams of six and had an eco quiz competition - the teams were:

Our eco quiz winners - the Solar Soldiers
  • The Gesers Geesers
  • The Solar Soldiers
  • The Biofuel Beauties
  • The Energy Explorers
  • The Lightbulb Luvvies
  • The Wind Warriors

The winners were the Solar Soldiers.

How to make a wind turbine work on a calm day!



We then had a look at the solar and wind demo's and, although it was an overcast afternoon, we were still generating a considerable heat from the solar panels.

It was also a calm day but the kids found their own way of making the wind turbine work!

Our new Eco Cousins from the Hawthorns School

Thanks to teacher Jo Hill and The Hawthorns School for inviting us.

Charlie McGlynn

P.S. Our favourite names were The Biofuel Beauties and the The Lightbulb Luvvies!

If your school would like to become part of the Eco Cousins family, or if you have any questions about our eco education programme, please Call us on 01296 711 405 or email

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