Solar Installation Examples

As well as installing heat pumps and gas and oil boilers, Race Energy completed over 40 solar panel installations during 2008. See the details below for some examples.

solar panel units on roof Mr E - Steeple Claydon, Buckinghamshire

We recently carried out this solar installation for Mr E - he has also got an air source heat pump.
solar panel Q unit combined with a high efficiency boiler Mr & Mrs B - Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire

We have just carried out this installation of an Atag Solar Q with evacuated tube solar panels. The Solar Q unit comprises a high efficiency gas boiler, a 380 litre 3 coil cylinder, a solar pump station and controls. This unit will enable you to get heat from the solar for your heating as well as the hot water. The gas boiler and the cylinder are together so the re-heat time from the boiler is very short, and there is no heat loss due to pipe runs. This unit is fitted with weather compensation making it even more efficient - in our opinion this combination is one of the most efficient ways of combining solar and conventional energy.
solar panel on a roofMr & Mrs L - Bicester, Oxfordshire

We also installed a new high efficiency gas boiler here, and would like to thank Mr & Mrs L for all the references they have provided following this job.
solar panels on a roofMrs R - Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Mrs R is a very happy lady, and tells us she has saved around half a tank of oil, compared to the previous year.
two solar panels installed on a period house roofMr & Mrs V - Winslow, Buckinghamshire

Mr & Mrs V are very pleased with their solar installation, and the fact that we changed their hot water system to pressurised - this means they don't need an electric or power shower, giving more energy eco savings.
two solar panels on an L-shaped roofMr B - Buckinghamshire

Mr B loves saving money, and asked us to put the controller beside his bed so he could check it every night and sleep happy!
large property with hidden solar installationMr & Mrs W - Charlbury, Oxfordshire

Mr & Mrs W said they didn't realise how well solar worked in the winter. You can't see the installation from the ground on this property.
the solar installation - not visible from the ground
several solar panels on a roof - used to heat hot water for the home and swimming poolMr & Mrs F - Oving, Buckinghamshire

Mr & Mrs F had solar installed for the home and their swimming pool. They are very happy with the installation, and the fact that they can swim and wash in water heated by the sun.
solar panel installed on a roofMr & Mrs C - Edgcott, Buckinghamshire

We had to get this one right, as they only live around the corner from us!
solar panel on a roofMr & Mrs S - Grendon Underwood, Buckinghamshire

Another customer who, in their own words, said they were "staggered" by how well solar worked in the winter.

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